Personal Training Services– Exercise regiments are designed tailored made to your body composition, pre-existing medical conditions and your physical activity levels and limitations

Food Coaching/Planning and Cooking Classes- Guidance to make healthy choice options, assist client to grocery store to help choose healthy choices. Will provide personal or group cooking demonstration within home.

Body Assessment and tracking-  Tracking database to communicate with client, doctor offices of client progress. Monthly and biweekly measurements to document progress and make changes to exercise regiment, nutritional guidance and short/long term goals.

Care Coordination/ Referrals to healthcare professionals- Coordinate medical appointments, referrals and outsource services to healthcare professionals that is out of scope with JBSWC expertise.

Group Exercise/Group Training– Gospel Aerobics, Amazing Abs, Pilates and Bootcamp.

Descriptions of Classes:


Pilates – Overall full body hour exercise class which enhances your physical awareness with emphasis on abdominal control and proper body alignment.  Mat based exercise may include bands, balls and some yoga movement.

Gospel Aerobics – Is a class that will focus on increasing the heart rate combining rhythmic movements with stretching and strength training all while moving to spiritually genre.

Amazing Abs – Is a class focuses on strengthening your abdominal muscle. Strong abdominals are the key to help support your back and prevent lower back pain.

Boot Camp- high-intensity body movement combining all elements of fitness, cardio, muscle conditioning, balance and flexibility, designed for individuals that are ready for the next level.